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About Dancerka

Our story began a few years ago when we designed and started manufacturing the most innovative sports knee pads on the market, aimed specifically at the pole dance community. Soon afterwards, our production expanded to include attractive apparel for pole dancing. Happily, our clothes quickly attracted customers from other sports as well, as customers realised our apparel worked equally well for various types of dance, yoga and even as swimwear.

That’s why we decided to support our customers and expand our offer and start creating clothes for the wider current dance and sports field – modern dance, ballet, gymnastics, yoga, pilates…

Dancerka collections include clothes for both the youngest and the young at heart 🙂 .

Dancerka products are the result of rich knowledge and many years of experience in the field of manufacturing popular sportswear. When manufacturing clothes and accessories, we put quality, aesthetics and complete comfort on an equal footing.

We are a small family company based in Slovenia, in Europe. We are also committed to fair production and trade, passionately supporting local production. We believe that products created in a positive spirit transmit this energy to users.

A woman who wears Dancerka clothes is dynamic, full of energy and dances through life. She likes to move, but she also places great emphasis on aesthetics and grace when moving, and she what she wears must reflect and enhance these qualities. During her dance, gymnastics, yoga, pilates, pole dancing or other sports class, she only wants what is best for herself and her wellbeing. Only in this way can she feel relaxed, confident and completely free in her own skin. In doing so, she is also kind to the planet and its other inhabitants.

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